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Prediction Tournament
How To Play
Minimum Deposit Of SGD 100 From
1st Sept - 28th Sept 2021
Cast Your Prediction On 25 Selected Football Matches
Move Up the leaderboard Rankings
How It Works
The EURO 2020 Prediction Event is split into three (3) stages.
Stage 1
Prize pool : SGD 15,888
Matches available : 19
Kick Start Date : 12 June 2021
Cut-off Date : 18 June 2021
Payout Date : 19 June 2021
Stage 2
Prize pool : SGD 28,888
Matches available : 17
Kick Start Date : 19 June 2021
Cut-off Date : 24 June 2021
Payout Date : 25 June 2021
All Stages
Prize pool : SGD 58,888
Matches available : 51
Kick Start Date : 12 June 2021
Cut-off Date : 12 July 2021
Payout Date : 13 July 2021
All members who register and log in will be given 5,000 points for FREE to start making their bets. Points will be given out starting from 10th June 2021.
There will be 50 winners for Stage 1, Stage 2, and All Stages, with a total of 150 winners across all 3 stages. The top winners for each stage will win the cash prizes. Prizes will be credited into members’ accounts automatically by the system.
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Tournament Duration: 01/09/2021 - 28/09/2021
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( Total Matches : 19 )
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Prediction Match
Stage Duration: 19/06 - 24/06 (7days)
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Stage Duration: 12/06 - 12/07 (30days)
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Event T&C
Event T&Cs
  1. This event is open to all active members of B9Casino.
  2. All B9Casino General Terms & Conditions apply.
  3. B9Casino reserves the right to amend, change or terminate this event at any time without prior notice.
  1. To participate in this event, all members are required to register / login to their account.
  2. Members are required to make a minimum deposit of SGD100 within the event period of 1st September 2021 - 28th September 2021.
  3. Upon making the minimum deposit of SGD100, members will automatically get 5,000 points to start to predict.
Match Prediction
  1. The prediction event will be done in 25 matches across 5 mixed major football leagues.
  2. The cut-off time for all match predictions is 1 minute before the start of each match.
  3. 1. All predictions submitted after the cut-off time are considered null and invalid.
    E.g: If the match time starts at 10PM and you send in your prediction at 9:59PM, the prediction entry will not be considered for winning.
  4. All winning predictions will be based on Asia HDP.
  5. Members will be allowed to make bets of 100 points or 200 points for all 25 matches.
  6. All members will be allowed to submit only one (1) prediction for each match.
  1. Starting with an initial prize pool of SGD5,000, the final prize pool will increase daily based on new participants joining in, with no maximum cap.
  2. The Top 200 Winners will be selected based on the highest point tally gained on the leaderboard during the event period.
  3. In the event of two or more members having the same point tally, the winner will be selected based on the number of matches won, then earliest betting time and date.
  4. The total number of points will be tallied from 1st September 2021 - 28th September 2021.
  5. The Top 200 Winners will share the final prize pool.
  6. Winners will have their cash prizes credited automatically by the system.
  7. The pay-off date for this event is on 30th September 2021.
  8. All prizes come with a 1x turnover requirement.
Bonus Tips
  1. Follow some of the players with Top Ranking Tipsters for their predictions, performances and statistics to help you make your bet.
  2. Keep track of our LiveScore and be updated on all the team’s performance and highlights.
Breakdown of Handicap Regulations
  1. Based on the Asia HDP, the winner is the team with the better score after adding the given handicap to the result.
  2. Results are based on soccer full regular time of 90 minutes (including injury time, but excluding extra time)
  3. All 25 matches also offer the same payout rate; Win/Lose - 1 : 1
    For example : For bets of 100 points, you will either win 100 points or lose 100 points.
Q: How do I participate in the prediction event?
A: Simply Login or Register an account within the event period (1/9/21 - 28/9/21). You are required to make a minimum deposit of SGD100 within the event.
Q: What can I do with the points?
A: The points can be used during your predictions of the 25 matches across 5 mixed major football leagues. You will not be able to make a prediction if you have no points.
Q: Do the points represent money?
A: No. These points are virtual points used to predict the Handicap of the matches.
Q: How does the predicted win or loss affect me?
A: Predicting a win will result in an increase of your winning points, while a loss will result in a decrease of your winning points.
Q: What is the use of winning points?
A: Winning points are used to determine your ranking on the leaderboard. The higher your winning points, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard, the more cash prize you win.
Q: Will my ranking drop if I stop making predictions?
A: Yes, your ranking will drop as soon as your competitors’ winning points exceeds yours.
Q: What is the cut-off date of the competition?
A: The event duration is from 1 September - 28 September 2021
Q: If there is more than 1 player with the same points, how will the rankings be determined?
A: In this case, players who made the prediction earlier in the latest match are higher ranked than those who made the prediction later.
Q: Can I buy more points?
A: No. All members will only receive 5,000 points, one-time to participate in the prediction event.